domingo, 30 de dezembro de 2012

Rainbow cake

Okay, so it wasn't as easy as it seemed... Maybe I should have used different colourants, or a white cake mix, because the colours didnt stick that well... They didnt look bright. Not to mention I think the red was off... It smelt funny, and turned the cake purple (instead of red,... duh). Tried making the layered version, and it went horribly wrong, so i decided to just do it in the same container... It looked better and tasted alright, but it still is far from perfect xD I also made a carrot and orange roll, and that tasted delicious! VICTORY IS MINE!!! (Sorry about the crappy pics, but they were taken with my phone, with bad lighting).

 (Rainbow cake, the before version)

 (Rainbow cake, the end result =/ The purple was meant to be red)

(My delicious carrot roll *.*)

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